Flatmunder appears.

Hello and welcome to Flatmunder, a children’s graphic novel about kids’ fears and the power of play!
When the little girl across the street tells Bernard there are flat witches in his bathroom, Bernard begins to worry… a lot.

Then, one night, Bernard meets both the flat witches and a friend called Flatmunder who helps him come to terms with his fears and learn that when we change the way we think about things, they change too…

Flatmunder is designed to help families explore ways to play with life’s fears, large and small, and by exploring these fears, transform them into sources of discovery and empowerment.

When a child or parents get fearful, it creates a place of inflexibility and everyone can get dragged into that place of inflexibility. If we can play with the issue, no matter what it is, something small and seemingly minor, up to life’s most profound traumas, we can invite a child’s natural joy into the space and use that playfulness to explore and overcome fear (our and theirs).

My co-author Gus and I hope you find the book fun and helpful.

Get your PDF of Flatmunder here!

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