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Come see what Readers of Flatmunder say about the book here. Once you’ve had a chance to read the book, we’d love to hear your thoughts, so please come share them here. And thanks!

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  1. Ben Caldwell

    Mark and Gus
    Thank you for this great book. We have read it many times. Between the pictures, the story and the layout of the book…we find something new each time.
    On our first reading of Flatmunder…there was much concern on our 5 year old’s part that things were not going to turn out well. But, without being too scary, we were drawn into the active imagination of Bernard(bunny slippers and all…nice touch!!).
    You guys have done a great job of showing/teaching all of us that our imagination can work both ways…setting up fear and overcoming it.
    Ben and Edward

  2. AJ Vincent

    Flatmunder has quickly become a favorite at bedtime. My children relate to Bernard and his feelings and enjoy his journey to independence. They giggle at something different every time, are fascinated by the wonderful illustrations and quote their favorite lines. What I like best is that, after we read, they ask questions, make comments, point out a new favorite page and always want to reread.

  3. Steve Bewley

    I teach in a small ESL Hoagwan (private school) in South Korea. We have a preschool that contains American, Korean, Phillapino and Nigerian students. This book was received with excitement by all the kids. It’s so colorful and the story is exciting.

  4. Carol Roberts

    As a Montessori art teacher for the last 15 years who reads a lot to the children and notices what children are interested in, I think the visuals have it all. The kids are going to especially love the drawings of Bernard. I also think Bernard captures how ernest children are and how things that adults think are silly are really important to them.

  5. Roxann Day

    Dear Mark & Gus,

    I can’t wait to read this book to my new grandson and wish I’d had it when my children were young. I sincerely believe it would have helped with some of their nighttime fears. It’s well written, beautifully illustrated, and I enjoyed reading it as much as any child. It made me giggle when I least expected it. Thank you both so very much!

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